Apple Airpods 1st Gen

By Apple

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Apple Airpods 1st Gen Technical Specifications:

  • Apple W1 chip for seamless connectivity.
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Apple's Voice Assistant, Siri


The Apple AirPods 1st Gen are elegantly designed, featuring a sleek and minimalist form factor. Their compact, truly wireless design ensures a comfortable fit and a discreet look. The included charging case is not just a practical accessory but an aesthetic statement. These AirPods are engineered to be lightweight and ergonomically shaped, making them suitable for long listening sessions without discomfort. They fit snugly in your ears and stay put, even during physical activities, ensuring a secure and stable connection.

Seamless Connectivity

Apple's proprietary W1 chip technology is at the heart of the AirPods 1st Generation, offering a seamless and instantaneous connection to your Apple devices. The moment you open the charging case, your AirPods are ready to pair with your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch. The convenience of automatic pairing and switching between devices has never been more effortless. This connectivity ensures you are never out of touch with your digital world, making the AirPods a perfect companion for busy professionals and tech enthusiasts alike.

Sound Quality

For an audio experience that is nothing short of extraordinary, Apple has engineered the AirPods with advanced acoustic components. Their custom-designed drivers deliver a rich, high-quality sound with a wide dynamic range. Whether you're enjoying your favorite music, watching movies, or having a crystal-clear conversation, the AirPods immerse you in a world of audio excellence. The sound quality is truly exceptional, with deep bass and crisp treble, making every note and word sound better than ever.

Battery Life

Apple AirPods 1st Generation are equipped with a remarkable battery life that keeps you in the groove all day long. On a single charge, you can enjoy up to five hours of listening time or up to two hours of talk time. The compact charging case, which holds multiple additional charges, extends your usage even further. Just a quick 15-minute charge provides up to three hours of listening time or an hour of talk time, ensuring that you're never left without your music or conversations.


With the AirPods 1st Generation, Siri is always at your beck and call. Just double-tap on either AirPod to activate Siri and get things done without reaching for your device. Siri can help you adjust the volume, change the song, make a call, or get directions. It's like having your personal assistant right in your ears, enhancing the hands-free experience.

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