Honor 4X 16GB Dual (Unlocked)

By Honor

12 months Warranty

All our products come with 12 Months warranty. If a fault develops than we will pay for the return costs by providing you with a free tracked returns label. We will aim to repair / replace the phone within 3 working days.

Whats in the box?

To follow our ideology of keeping waste to the absolute minimum we will provide the following accessories.

Mobile Phones & Tablets: These will be provided in a generic recycled brown box with a USB data cable.

Smartwatches: These will be provided in a generic recycled brown box with the charging stand.

Laptops: These will be provided in a generic recycled brown box with a charger.

Please note with the exception of laptops no other products will be provided with a 3 pin UK plug.

Free Next Day UK delivery & 14 days Peace of Mind

*Excluding public holidays, this product can be delivered within 24 Hours if ordered before 4PM Monday⁠–Friday. If you change your mind, you can return the item within 14 days.

Honor is a bold smartphone brand for the digital world. Designed for the brave generation, Honor is not afraid to do things differently and bring about change. Our no-stores, no-gurus, no-strings approach means we’re bravely shaking up the way you buy your smartphone, empowering you to get the good technology at a value price.

If you’re looking for a smartphone with enhanced power then the Honor 4X is the ideal phone for you. With its 64-bit processor, the power really is in your hands.

It’s not just its powerful processor that’s impressive; the Honor 4X also boasts a 13MP primary camera, a 5MP front camera, dual-SIM technology, a battery that allows for two days of continuous use and superfast wireless connectivity with 4G. Now that’s impressive.

So if you’re after a smartphone that provides great performance then look no further.

The Honor 4X’s 64-bit 1.2 GHz Octa-core processor provides you with the power to enjoy the things you love.

Whether you’re into gaming, films, music or all of the above, the Honor 4X’s high-speed processor can handle the toughest streaming requests.

The 4X delivers uncompromising wireless connectivity with 4G compatibility for those that demand a faster connection. 1050 LTE/EPC patents guarantee seamless communication on the go.

Dual silicon microphone design and noise reduction technology ensures unparalleled call quality even in the most demanding of environments.

With 48-hours of continuous battery life, the Honor 4X will last even longer than those with the busiest schedules.

And if that’s not enough for you, the Honor 4X’s battery life will last up to 7 days in ultra power mode, making it a phone you can really rely on.

Not only does the Honor 4X have a 13MP primary camera and a 5MP front camera, it also has a range of camera features that will really inspire you to take some beautiful photographs.

With Ultra snapshot, off-screen photo mode, all-focus mode, map view and a camera that can take photos in 0.6 seconds, you’ll never miss an opportunity to capture the moment.

You’ll certainly see more with the Honor4X smartphone. Its 5.5” HD screen with 16 million colours provides a visual experience that is truly breathtaking.

If it’s a beautiful display that’s important to you, then you’ll really be taken back by the vividness of the Honor 4X’s HD screen.

If you need a phone for work and a phone for your personal life, then you’ll really benefit from the Honor 4X’s dual-SIM function.

There’s no need to carry two handsets around anymore, as the Honor 4X allows you to switch between networks whenever you want, making it ideal for those who are always on the go.