Sony Playstation 4 500GB (One Controller)

By Sony

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Choose from thousands of games, from PlayStation exclusives and huge blockbusters to indie gems and fun-filled family experiences. Or experience truly immersive games by connecting a PlayStation VR headset.

The PS4 console offers impressive power and incredible graphics, bringing the biggest and best games to life.

Discover loads of ways to connect and share your experiences with others. Enjoy online multiplayer gaming with a paid-for PlayStation Plus subscription. And use versatile parental controls to manage your children’s play time, set spending limits on PlayStation Store and much more.

Enjoy movies, TV shows, sport and music on your PS4. Use your favourite streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and Spotify or check out PlayStation Store for more entertainment.

Characters that stay with us. Worlds we can't bear to leave. Moments that take our breath away. These are the stories that make us the players we are. Discover the games that are Only On PlayStation, like The Last of Us Part II.