Sony Xperia Tab S 16GB Wi-Fi

By Sony

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You're demanding and why shouldn't you be? You don't just want any old tablet. You want one that will let you enjoy PlayStation Certified games, access over 15 million songs, throw video straight to your TV without a wire in sight and even dim your living room lights. And that's just for starters. You want one that's slim and light, easy to hold in the hand for hours on end and a doddle to use. So when you fancy browsing the web, listening to music or reading books, it's all there ready to go with a swift swipe of your finger.

Such a great way to relieve stress, don't you think? Come home from work, pick up your tablet, let off a bit of steam with Crash Bandicoot, Grand Theft Auto or Cool Boarders. Did you know this is the first tablet ever that will let you download and play games from the PlayStation Store? You can even use your PlayStation 3 DUALSHOCK3 controller with it or customise your own on-screen controls. And if you just want to keep on gaming, go to Android Marketplace and choose from thousands of Android games. It's gamers heaven.

A tablet that works as a universal remote? Yes, you heard right. Start up the movie on your living room TV, turn up the volume on your home theatre system, dim the lights, all through your trusty tablet. Its built-in remote includes a 'learn' feature that works with all major brands so don't think you've got to have Sony equipment in your house. And as for all those remote commanders scattered over the coffee table and down the sides of the sofa…goodbye!

You want things to be easy, fuss-free. So let's say you just spent a day out in town meeting friends. You took some pictures in the park and now you want to get them on the digital photo frame on the mantelpiece. Simple. Just grab and 'throw' them to the photo frame over your Wi-Fi. No setting up or connecting cables. No plugging memory cards in and out. Whatever you're watching or listening to on your tablet, you can watch or listen to on almost any internet connected TV, Hi-Fi or photo frame, wirelessly. It's quick and seamless, designed to make you grin rather than groan.

This is a tablet that's made for fun. Tap the screen and get access to over 15 million songs, 1 million books, over 200,000 apps and the latest movies through the built-in Sony Entertainment Network, Reader Store and Android Marketplace apps. Sort out all your music and reading before you go on your hols. Banish the spectre of nights in with nothing on the box. Create your own army of apps. All in seconds using your index finger.

So you're sitting in a coffee shop when a couple of buskers come in and start playing one of your all-time favourite songs. Just before the management eject them with cries of 'On your bike, lads!', you manage to film their stoic performance on your tablet. All in glorious high definition with just a tap or two. Then as soon as they've gone, you edit the clip with another tap or two and send to facebook or YouTube for the world to enjoy. You never know, it might become an Internet hit!

It's not just about weight but the way that weight feels as you move around. This is a very light tablet at under 600g, about as heavy as your average hardback but it's the unique off centre weighting that makes it so comfortable to hold for hours on end. You can be reading a book while walking, watching a movie while sitting or playing a game while standing and this tablet will always feel natural as the weight has been shifted closer to your palm. You'll find it feels almost like an extension of your hand, something you'd be happy to carry around every minute of the day.

Such an exciting place, be a shame if you couldn't enjoy it in all its glory. You can get on the Internet in seconds with this tablet, surf faster and explore with ease using our most fluid touchscreen ever. No spinning egg timers or juddery scrolling. An efficient Android operating system lets you skim seamlessly from page to page and enjoy the web the way it was meant to be enjoyed with full support including Adobe Flash for silky animations and video. That clip of the buskers playing in the coffee shop will look as real as the moment you filmed it. We call it realism.