Refurb Phone is one of the leading mobile phone refurbishment companies in the UK. We take a lot of pride in the products that we refurbish to ensure it is of great quality when the end user receives their mobile phone.


1. Testing & Grading

The process starts when mobile phones are recycled to us. The phones initially get passed onto the testers who carry out a 16 point test on each device.

Whilst the phones are being tested a visual inspection is done on each mobile phone and graded accordingly.

2. Refurbishment

The relevant mobile phones are than picked for refurbishment. The process firstly involves the mobile phones being dismantled as seen in the image below.

All the external parts of the mobile phones such as the lcd ( front facia ) and battery covers are disposed off and all the internal parts of the phone such as the motherboard, speaker, mic, etc are put aside to be reassembled into the new external mobile phone parts.

The new external mobile phone parts usually consits of the following

Before the phones are refurbished the motherboard of the phone is throughly cleaned to remove any dust particles. After this process the motherboard and other mobile phone parts are assembled onto the new parts. Once all this is completed the refurbished mobile phone will resemble a brand new mobile phone.


Now the mobile phone has been refurbished, the next stage of the process is to have a quality check performed.

This process involves the phones being sent to our our quality control engineers who than conduct a 16 point check list on the phones. If the phones pass the final quality check they are stored until sold.

Once an order is placed the phone and battry are than packaged with the following items.

Mobile Phone Box

USB Data Cable

3 pin Charging adaptor

Grade A Refurbished:These mobile phones has been refurbished to grade A refurbished condition with no marks or scratches. The phones are reboxed in a generic black / white mobile phone box and packaged with a battery and charger. The phones come with 6 months warranty.

Grade B: The mobile phones are graded into this category because they will show some slight signs of wear and tear. The phones are reboxed in a generic black / white mobile phone box and packaged with a battery and charger. The phones come with 6 months warranty.

Some companies also provide grade C mobile phones, however we at refurb phone do not provide phones that fall into this cateogry. We want customers to receive phones that they are happy to use and show off to their friends. We provide grade B devices for sale because there are phones with general wear and tear due to everyday use. Grade C mobile phones have extensive cosmetic damage depending on the grading critera of the company in question.

We highly advise not purchasing grade C used mobile phones due to our own statistics, which showed that 41 % of handsets getting returned due to grading discrepensices. Due to this reason we have completely stopped selling Grade C mobile phones.

June 10, 2021 — Imer Ibishi

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