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Are you considering purchasing a Samsung smartwatch to complement your Samsung phone? Well, the task may appear straightforward, but once you navigate on google, you'll soon discover that selecting the perfect Samsung wearable isn't as simple as buying an Apple Watch. Samsung offers a range of smartwatches, including the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Fit2, each with its own unique features, prices, and form factors. So, which of these Samsung smartwatches aligns best with your requirements?

 Which Samsung watches catches your interest for a potential purchase? With a wide range of options available, the decision can be quite challenging. While the recently launched Galaxy Watch 4 is often regarded as one of the top choices among Samsung watches, it doesn't mean that the other available models should be overlooked. Naturally, the introduction of newer products often leads to price reductions for older models.

 Whether you desire a stylish and feature-rich smartwatch or a more budget-friendly wearable, we have you covered with our selection of the finest Samsung watches on the market. If you're seeking more comprehensive guidance on what to consider when purchasing a smartwatch and if you want to explore a broader range of wearables from brands like Ticwatch, Garmin, Apple, and Samsung, we recommend checking out our comprehensive article on the best smartwatches, accompanied by a helpful buying guide.

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4  - Price From £109.95 - From Refurb Phone

Samsung's latest smartwatch lineup has expanded with some exciting options. Firstly, you can choose between two models: the Galaxy Watch 4, which comes in 40mm and 44mm sizes with a digital bezel, and the larger Watch 4 Classic, available in 42mm and 46mm sizes, featuring a physical rotating bezel.

 These new models bring significant updates, including a fresh chip and operating system developed in collaboration with Google. This joint effort grants users access to a wide range of Google apps and the Play Store, although regrettably, Google Assistant is not included. Additionally, there are noteworthy enhancements in fitness features, such as continuous blood oxygen tracking during sleep and an improved 'BioActive' sensor capable of measuring BMI, skeletal muscle mass, body water mass, and basal metabolic rate.

 One downside is that the battery life is not exceptional, lasting approximately 40 hours. Moreover, these Samsung watches are not compatible with iPhones. However, if you're a Samsung phone user, the Galaxy Watch 4 series is undoubtedly the brand's finest offering in the realm of smartwatches.


 2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3  - Price From £89.95 - From Refurb Phone

With the introduction of the Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung's previous-generation smartwatch has experienced a price drop, making it an attractive option in terms of value. It also stands as the top choice for iPhone users who want Samsung watches over an Apple watch.

Despite its name, the Galaxy Watch 3 is actually Samsung's second Galaxy Watch iteration (excluding the Galaxy Watch Active series). It operates on Samsung's Tizen Operating System and both available sizes (41mm and 45mm) feature a physical rotating bezel. While it lacks the Watch 4's 'BioActive' sensor, the Galaxy Watch 3 offers a comprehensive range of standard fitness tracking features, including heart rate monitoring, VO2 max estimates, advanced running analysis, and fall detection. As a result, if you're hesitant to spend £109.95 on the Watch 4, the Galaxy Watch 3 serves as an excellent alternative.

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2  - Price From £89.95 - From Refurb Phone

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 presents itself as a sleek and lightweight Samsung smartwatch. Achieving this design, however, comes at the expense of a physical rotating bezel. Instead, the Active 2 opts for a touch-sensitive digital bezel that functions admirably, albeit lacking the tactile experience of its physical counterpart.

 As implied by its name, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 are Samsung watches that caters to individuals seeking a sporty and less bulky alternative to the regular Galaxy Watch. It offers the same comprehensive set of fitness tracking and smart features found in the original Galaxy Watch, although its battery life leaves room for improvement.

 That being said, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 doesn't offer a significant upgrade over its predecessor, with notable differences including the addition of a digital rotating dial, ECG functionality, and a larger 340mAh battery. If you're on a tight budget, the Galaxy Watch Active could be a viable option, available for just £89.95.

4. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier  - Price From £69.95 - From Refurb Phone

To be fair, comparing the S3 Frontier to the aforementioned smartwatches wouldn't be entirely accurate since it is one of the first Samsung watches that came out. 


Just because it is one of the first ( release date : 2016) , it doesn't mean its lacking in functionality and with a price from £69.95 you can rest assured that you are getting a watch that fits any budget with alot of functionality. 

With all the tracking and health monitoring features, although not as advanced as the Samsung watch 4 it can still perform very well. 

We at Refurb Phone hope this guide was helpful and you can read more guides on each individual watch on our blog pages in more detail.  You can find all the Samsung watches we have on offer by clicking here. You can also find all specifications of each Samsung watch and compare it each other by going to

May 14, 2023 — Imer Ibishi

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