Technology is constantly evolving with brand new innovations, ideas and concepts popping up worldwide. So, what are the latest technology trends and how is technology set to progress?


Goodbye 4G and hello 5G? 

Spain has plans to introduce 5G during 2020 meaning that people will be able to reach the internet at even higher speeds than we’ve known before. Recent research has said that within the next 5 years, 5G mobile network technology will have reached nearly half of the global population! So, who’s ready to say hello to 5G?

Artificial intelligence 

So… this is the big question: is Artificial Intelligence taking over the world? For years, AI is one of the major breakthroughs which has been constantly evolving becoming bigger and better. It has been said that no, we shouldn’t be afraid of artificial intelligence however, it clearly processes differently to humans and recent studies have found that some machines can carry out functions and play games for example which humans would never be able to in their lifetime. It is said that ‘Smart Learning’ is going to hugely enhance business operations which is surely nothing to be afraid of but… is this really going to be humanity’s last invention?

Data protection through technology

 This is something which consistently sparks up debate… where does my data go? How is my data being used by both public and private organisations? Many technological organisations are now incorporating new ways to communicate to people how exactly data is being used, retained or destroyed. With technology becoming more advanced on finding ways to earn trust whilst retaining information safely through cybersecurity, it seems that digital ethics and privacy are a hot topic at the moment.

Super computing

This is a concept which is still gradually emerging in within the realms of technology but it’s becoming bigger and better. It is said to be one of the most fascinating breakthroughs that researchers have worked on in this century so far! It seems that in the near future, Quantum or ‘Super Computing’ will become a cloud device rather than a machine.

Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality (VR) isn’t just fun and interesting for EVERYONE but there are going to be significant advancements this year in respects to using virtual reality to completely transform how people communicate, work and collaborate across the world.

June 10, 2021 — Imer Ibishi

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