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Over the years Refurb Phone have seen many new devices come through our doors. Our team always get into discussions as to which phone is the best. As you can expect everyone has their own opinions. Some team members love Samsung, some iphone and some HTC. However after a long and through discussion we have decided to opt for the Samsung S6 Edge.

Here are our reasons why.

1. Design

Although both phones are designed in a sleek manner the Samsung s6 edge come out as the winner. It is designed in a revolutionary way, which has never been done by any company in the mobile phone industry. The curvature design is very impressive for the function that it is intended for and also for the first time when you pick up this flagship phone you know your lifting a phone with value unlike its predecessors, Samsung galaxy s5 and s4,which didn’t feel like it should have a price tag of £400.

2. Functionality

In regards to functionality again the Samsung S6 EDGE is the clear winner. The Samsung S6 EDGE has a SUPER AMOLED display in regards to the iphone 6 LED Backlit IPS LCD. The camera on the Samsung S6 EDGE is 16 megapixels and also has a 5 megapixel front camera. This is double in comparison to the iPhone 6, which only has an 8 megapixel camera. To be honest for a mobile phone that was introduced in 2014 this is not very good in comparison to Nokia, who brought out a 41 Mega Pixel camera in that very same year.
Another amazing function that the Samsung s6 edge has that we love here at Refurb Phone is, Wireless charging !!!!. We know every single mobile phone manufacturer will adopt this method of charging in the future. The question for Apple is when ??. We can be a lazy bunch and it does seem extra effort to find our charging lead and than plug that lead into our phone. How easy is it to come home after a stressful day at work and just put your phone on top of a wireless charging mat and let it charge.

3. Storage

Storage on our phones is very important. The Samsung and the iphone come with the same storage memory, which is  16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB, so there is no clear winner there. 
However it is also important to back up our storage. This is where the Samsung again is the clear winner. Apple only provide  5GB of free icloud storage. This was perfect when the iphone 3gs came out however in the last 3 years the number of apps available and with all the selfies that we love to take this is just not enough. Yes we can pay for additional storage however why would we have to as Samsung provide 115GB of free drive storage.
Although we would love more memory we feel this is just enough when we require to backup our phone.
We have highlighted the most important thing we love on a phone and chosen a clear winner. For us at Refurb Phone this winner is the Samsung S6 Edge.

June 10, 2021 — Imer Ibishi

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