It seems that today’s tech is getting more and more expensive with every new device manufacturers design. 

It seems that today’s tech is getting more and more expensive with every new device manufacturers design. As smartphones, tablets and gaming systems continue to climb towards the £1000 mark, consumers are looking for innovative ways that they can save money while still getting the latest tech devices. Having said that, one way that today’s consumers are saving money on tech is by buying it used or refurbished.

When purchasing used or refurbished game consoles, there are some important differences that you should be aware of. Both will save you money, but only one offers real value.

We all know what ‘used’ means. It is an item that was purchased and used, and is now being sold by a private seller. Refurbished is completely different. A refurbished item is a product that has been restored to new or like-new condition by a professional refurbishment service. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between used and refurbished when it comes to game consoles.

Differences Between Used And Refurbished When It Comes To Game Consoles

Age Of Item- most used gaming consoles are typically older models that nobody wants. Refurbished gaming consoles are newer models, with some being the latest game system offered by the manufacturer.

Warranty- when you purchase a refurbished gaming console, you typically receive a 12 month warranty. When you buy used, there is no warranty.

Support- once you purchase a gaming console used from a private seller, you are on your own. There is no service or support and you cannot return the item. But, if you purchase a refurbished gaming console from an authorised dealer, you have the support you need if you have any questions about the device, or if it isn’t working properly.

Physical Condition- any time you purchase a used gaming console, you are taking a chance with the physical condition of the device. A refurbished gaming console is made to look new or like new.

Retailer- when purchasing refurbished electronics, you are typically purchasing them from a vendor who is authorised by many major manufacturers to sell refurbished products. This also means that the refurbishing service is trained and knowledgeable in the service and repair of those specific products.

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June 10, 2021 — Imer Ibishi

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