Apple Watch Series 8 41mm

By Apple


Apple Watch Series 8 41mm Technical Specifications:

  • 41mm
  • Ultra-Smooth Performance
  • GPS
  • Fitness tracking: Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Tracking, Blood Oxygen Levels
  • WatchOS

Design & Build

Apple is synonymous with minimalist, elegant designs, and the Apple Watch Series 8 captures this philosophy effortlessly. Carved from aerospace-grade aluminium, this watch is as robust as it is svelte. The 41mm casing is just the right size – neither too big nor too small – ensuring it sits comfortably on diverse wrist sizes, and complements both casual and formal attire.

Stunning Display

The Apple Watch Series 8 flaunts a stunning Retina display. Colours pop with vibrancy, while the sharpness and clarity make for an unparalleled viewing experience. Whether you’re glancing at your fitness stats or checking the latest notifications, everything appears crisp and vivid.

GPS Connectivity

With built-in GPS and 4G, this watch is designed for the on-the-move individual. Navigate unfamiliar terrains or stream your favourite tunes without your phone in proximity. The 4G capability means you can make calls, reply to messages, or access apps even when your iPhone isn’t within arm's reach.

Health & Fitness

The Apple Watch Series 8 is not just a watch; it's a wellness companion. A heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, blood oxygen levels, and ECG – the list of health-focused features is exhaustive. Apple continues its mission to keep users healthy by providing insights and alerts that can potentially be life-saving.


Housing Apple's latest S-chip, the Watch Series 8 delivers ultra-smooth performance. Whether you’re launching apps, receiving calls, or tracking your run, lag is a thing of the past.

Water & Dust Resistance

Adventurers, rejoice! The Apple Watch Series 8 41mm is designed to weather the elements. Rain or shine, gym or pool, this watch is your resilient companion. The impressive IPX water and dust resistance mean you can wear your watch with confidence in diverse environments.

Software & Compatibility

Running on the latest WatchOS, the Series 8 ensures users have access to a plethora of apps and customisation options. Plus, with seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem, it works in harmony with other Apple devices, be it your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Storage & Capacity

Apple ensures you have ample space for your apps, music, and workout data. With generous storage options, you can store your favourite tracks for offline listening, install a multitude of apps, and still have space left.