C14 Car FM Transmitter MP3 Player

It has the function of ambient light and can be used as a transmitter of Bluetooth fast charging function. No afraid of vibration and bumps. The area of the buckle is increased and the non-slip shrapnel on both sides are lengthened. The buckle is stable and there is no need to worry about bumps and other issues.

1. Colorful atmosphere light: Seven-color light self-adjustment. Music night vision ambient light, seven color breathing patterns and drive more emotions.
2. Good sound quality: built-in high-performance, decoding module, high-resolution and high-performance stereo. Shocking sound quality.
3. Power off memory playback: automatically reconnect after power on, memorize the frequency. After restarting the track after power off, it will start playing from the first sentence of the disconnected song.
4. New PD fast charging technology: supports fast charging. Both support dual interface design, listening to songs and charging.
5. Intelligent control chip: built-in intelligent identification chip, efficient power conversion, reducing power loss without loss.